Red talent agency

Red has been great for me. I have several friends that model, one of them here at red with me which is why i chose red, because after asking all of them this surely was the best choice. I have a lot of fun with the work I do that they get me. I hope to continue with them and have a great career.

Bubblegum casting review

Well where do I start hmmm okay so I used to work for another agency, sort of, it only lasted for a month and I got no bookings and was charged $600 for my headshots. Then after looking online to try and figure my way out of my contract I came across a representative of Bubblegum casting. The representative instructed me on how to get out of my contract and also out of paying that $600. I signed with Bubblegum casting once i was clear of the last agency and have been loving life ever since. They charged me nothing for headshots and barely take any percentage at all. The amount of patience and professionality I come across with these guys is so nice. I think they must be the best period.

Bubblegum casting reviews

Rage Modeling Agency

I can’t imagine myself working anywhere else. Rage is a fun and exciting agency to be a part of. My friend got me hooked up with them in february and my portfolio has grown so much since. I have gone a few places that I have always wanted to go and I have made some decent money too.